Monday, 29 August 2011

Music to perform meditation,yoga, healing & deep sleep

                                 In our daily life, we strike to various problems & get into some troublesome situation like stress,loneliness,sometimes get surrounded by boredom.As result, everything sounds good for nothing to us so to avoid & get rid of that situation we have to resort to MUSIC.
                        There are several types of music & tunes in order to heal your woes which you suffered in your day to day life.To get relaxed ,one should resort to music.We can perform some meditation & yoga practices with music around.There are instruments like flute(Basri),veena,sitar that creates magic in healing your pains & throw you in eternal peace & love with compassion.If you are under huge stress then music with sitar & flute can bring silence & peace to your mind that filled with unwanted things like tension.When you sleeps with the music playing ,you would dream nice & something quite unimaginable.Some of spiritual songs & hymn like Gayatri Mantra,Venkatesh stuti gives eternal peace & satisfaction to connect with God.

Nature express his emotions through music that are spawn from chirping of  birds in morning,flowing of river,falling of waterfall ,raining in spring.Nature express his reluctance through roaring & gruesome sound of Hurricane wind flowing,super cyclone & volcanic eruption sounds.These are the nature express itself to us with medium of MUSIC.Those who are blind by eyes can survive only music they hear,they can feel the beauty of nature with the help of MUSIC without seeing it.To get rid of deep grief one could listen the music form veena to condole themselves.Love you MUSIC.According to hindu rituals,people used to ring the bell in temple to wake up the GOD means god expects his devotees to communicate with him though medium of MUSIC.In indian musical history called it as 'Naad Dhyan' .

Nature respects music & best example of it is raag 'Malhar' as it can make nature to sprinkle rain in Land Of  Droughts. If nature does,do we,so lets step forward to make music indivisible part of our busy life,lets express thank & gratitude to the goddess of music maa 'Saraswasti' for giving us what we would never ever deserved of.Finally,what I feel is the MUSIC the way to express living beings emotions in better & natural way.

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