Friday, 5 August 2011

Music- the way to make better of the life

                   In our day to day life,we go through different phases of life,At some stages,you feel so sad & lonely. because of  too many good & bad things around us.Sometimes,the situation gets too tough to bear & we fall to disease like frustration & loneliness,we found nothing good meanwhile.
                  MUSIC-the term that could change our whole life for moment when we are in deep grief.Because we could  find music everywhere in the world.If u want to bring the stability & satisfaction ,there is no way better than music.It is pretty close to GOD.


                    This is the symbols of evolution & revolution of music.Just devoting life to music make you free from all kinds of sorrows that you are surrounded of.That's what the god like 'Lord Krishna' used to made people free from all with magic music that would flown from his flute.Try music in your life once & will be  in state of satisfaction forever..