Thursday, 25 August 2011

Existence of music in stance of nature.

                   Can you ever count the presence of Music In Nature.The nature itself speak music out deeply through his naturals props.From the dawn in morning till midnight,we encounters to music created by nature .Nature swirls & twirls the music in every corner of universe with alluring sound.Here is the small poem that depicts its existence.....

              Music is where,music is where,
          in moving of fan,clapping of man
          in crying of baby,laughing of lady
          what brings care,music is everywhere

                                                   Music is where,music is where,
                                                   in falling of rain,running of train,
                                                   in flowing of river,shivering of  fever
                                                   what dumps fear,music is everywhere
                                                   Music is where,music is where,
                                                   in ringing of bell,singing of whale
                                                   in roaring of lion,snoring of bryan
                                                   what asks for dare,music is everywhere

As it is said that GOD presents everywhere so is music.Music acts as remedies for sorrows & pain,escapes  the boredom ,bring peace in mind.Neither you wants to avoid music nor music.Just step in the world of music to fill your bosom with joy & happiness.some of the quotes of music says When words fails,music begin,Music is the medicine of breaking hearts,without music life would be a mistake,When word fails,music speaks. Thia is what music is all about for us.

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