Tuesday, 23 August 2011

MTV Coke studio pouring a soul into folk music.

                     MTV Coke studio bringing new face to indian music by making fusion of  folk music & Bollywood music.MTV created a platform for regional singer to sing with Bollywood singers on same stage.Regional singers who are best at their regional music got the stage to reveal their singing talent in front of all indians .Watch out every friday on MTV from &.7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Schedule & Venue for next events of MTV Coke Studio
26th August          Friday       Pune             Hard Rock café     Papon, Tochi Raina, Harshdeep & Divya 
2nd  september     Friday       Hyderabad   Hard Rock café     Mathangi, Tochi Raina, Parthiv & Saurav 
3rd  September     Saturday   Chennai        Coming soon         Mathangi,  Sanjeev T & Chinnaponnu   
9th  September     Friday       Kolkata        Coming soon         Papon, Mathangi & Sourav    
11th Septemeber  Sunday      Shillong        Coming soon         Papon, Mathangi & Tochi Raina    
16th September    Friday       Chandigarh   Coming soon         Papon, Harshdeep & Tochi Raina    
17th September    Saturday    Jaipur          Coming soon         Papon, Harshdeep & Tochi Raina

                    If you are true music lover,you would never ever miss this opportunity to get there at Pune.The songs are composed by Leslie Louis & his band for the all events that are forthcoming in row in metropolitan.To enjoy the enthralling & enticing fusion of Indian Classical music with pop & rock,don't miss to watch MTV coke studio this friday. .Only the music is a medium to bring people of different caste,religion & different territories.Music hold the power of union & give the chance to feel existence of GOD.

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