Saturday, 24 September 2011

Indian Music Channels Making Worth

 In this era of entertainment every individual overwhelm with sort of entertainment channels.There are number of channel that indian people mad of. Indian television industry is one of  fastest growing &  huge revenue generating  industry in indian market with bunch of channel producing quality programmes.Amongst those,some of  the channels are thoroughly dedicated to Music.9xm chhote bade
                One of  the most famous channel which continuously playing new songs is 9XM.This channel provides some of bollywood gossips with songs.India’s Bollywood Music Channel in which presentation starts with Bakwaas like stuff by animated character.People loves the gossips & jokes of Chhote & Bade who are nothing but animated insects.Also there are characters like Betel Nuts who used to discuss something  & throw joke on it.The channel plays music of all genre.It creates real interest in people to stick with.
Mix adda,arziyaan,mix masala                    The most recently launch music channel by Sony TV  is Sony Mix on !st of September .This channel continuously gaining popularity because of their format.In break it shows the few line of songs sung by people who are not singers but love to & wish to sing .They takes children,college students,government & corporate employees,housewife who could not get time for Music from their daily routine .This channel has divided their 24 hours into separate section of 3 hours each.In morning ,it starts with Mix adda, Arziyaan that section contributes devotional songs,Any Time Music section contains new &  4-5 year old songs.It is playing all type of songs.
B4U music channel                    B4U Music is the partner of  B4U  group & it plays songs all time favorite hindi & non-filmi songs.This channel is one who give the exposure to non-filmi albums.It is one of the oldest & thoroughly dedicated music channel in indian television industry. ZEE Music is also the popular one amongst those who plays Hindi Movie Channel.ZEE TV group has multiple channels of all type of entertainment .There are also channels like Music,Zoom TV, MTV, VTV ,UTV that plays songs in middle section of their programmes.
                               All indian channels reading the nerves of indian people & making worth of it for themselves & for indian public too.                       


  1. Hello , i am an MBA Trainee conducting research on Music channels in india changing into youth GEC's , they no more depend only on music , they have started producing content. What made them change? Specially MTV and Channel V. And what would be the future for them? Would like to know your opinion which i can quote in my research.

    You can contact me on harshad.wadadekar@gmail.,com

    Thanks in advance

  2. wow nice website template and design, i liked it, especially the color scheme, awesome collection of live indian tv channels. i have a question, do you guys offer VODs (videos on demand)? if yes then please let me know, i am very much interested in VODs. As people prefer VODs now a days due to busy routines and the favorite programs they missed watching. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks bye ;)

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