Sunday, 18 September 2011

Interlinking of Music with Nature

music of water fall
Music and Nature are the indivisible part of every living being.When one think of nature ,scenes of waterfall,mountains in the cloud & greenery rises in one's eyes.Suddenly he get pleased with enchanting & eternal feeling of nature .Music plays same role in nature what nature plays in life of every living beings .Without sound ,its meaningless to talk & think about nature they are closely related to each other.
                   Nature & Music gives evidence of their relationship in various ways that every one could understand.When one sees water falling from heights ,he not only loves the scene but also the sound that spawned from falling of water ,when someone stands in open ground in forest surrounded by cloudy environment,he gets excited by the sound of flowing of air ,in the early morning when one get wake up ,he used to pleased with sound of  chirping of birds.There are lot more & many more evidences we encounter with daily.
Nature and music                  Our perception of nature & music relationship is superficial .I think nature itself chooses some deserved living beings to understand his behavior ,fillings & evidence of this is when any natural calamity like super cyclone ,flood & earth quake going to strike, animals are only living beings get informed by nature first as they climbed up to mountains before it happens ,even humans are not deserved to serve him better.There are sorts of ragas in indian classical music related to different moods of nature.All music lovers,singers,musicians get inspired by nature to create some eternal sound that binds everyone in world & engrosses all in World Of Music.Music is only way nature use to convey his feelings to all living beings.


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